2 Days and a Supernatural marathon

OMC, what a day! I had a Supernatural marathon, 11 episodes in about 9 hours. It was fun but it was also surprisingly exhausting. I forgot to eat, too. But the most important thing is: another day down, 2 to go. Yes, only 2 days left till the Winchester Boys grace our screens again. I still have fears but I really can’t wait anymore. There’s also our rewatching sessions with 2 episodes left. Next episode on the list is “Two minutes to midnight” which I just watched but I don’t mind watching it again tonight, not only because Dean looks really good in it (see picture below for evidence) but because I like that episode.

Oh Dean



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4 responses to “2 Days and a Supernatural marathon

  1. Oh yeah. hun.. you’re right.. dean really looks good in that epi.. i mean he looks always hot but there slightly better.. not that i ever thought he could look better than usual but there he does ­čśë LOL
    sorry for weird kinda senseless babbling.. but today i really cant talk or write..
    anyways.. congrats you made the whole season 5 now…!!!! *bows*

  2. I know this kind of marathons. I do stuff like that very often. Because if I start watching a show I can`t stop. It’s always the same. I think I got the whole 10 seasons of SG-1 in a 2 weeks or so, yeah I’m crazy like that. And don’t ask about SGA. LOL It’s like you get stuck in that particular world and you can’t get out, till you know the end. You know what I mean?

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