I love dreams. My dreams can be very interesting and intense. And I never have dreams that I would call nightmares, not a lot at least.
When I went back to bed after the new episode of Supernatural on Saturday morning I had trouble falling asleep, woke up every couple of minutes and had weird dreams that really scared me. I can’t describe those dreams anymore. Last night I had scary dreams again, woke up a couple of times. The only thing I remember from those dreams is sitting at a desk and feeling some kind of presence behind me. But there wasn’t anybody.
Many years ago I had nightmares on a regular basis. Starting with dreams about aliens. A recurring theme in my dreams back then. In those dreams I would be outdoors and look at the stars and suddenly I knew I was being observed by them, I tried to hide but I couldn’t. I never saw those aliens in the dreams I just felt that threat, that strange feeling that something was after me and it was dangerous. At some point I stopped having dreams about aliens and the nightmares changed into dreams about tornadoes. In those dreams I’d be looking out the kitchen window or at the horizon and see those huge tornadoes and just had to run and hide. I felt those tornadoes had some kind of conscience and were specifically chasing me. They never caught me, at least not that I remember. But it was scary as hell. Those dreams stopped eventually. And changed into dreams about predators. But those didn’t last and after that I simply stopped having nightmares. Till Saturday morning. But it was different, it wasn’t a recurring dream like all the others. It was just a feeling of horror in general. And no, I don’t think they’ve got anything to do with Supernatural, because that show is not really that scary.



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4 responses to “Nightmares

  1. och mausi.. *knuddel* mensch.. bin ich also net die einzige mit albtraum… aber deines klingt so richtig übel.. hmm.. wenn ich wüsst wie ich dir helfen könnte.. also ja, an spn liegts glaub ich echt net.. denn erstens ist die serie im allgemeinen net soo gruselig dass man davon albträume bekommen könnte.. und die folge am samstag war ja erst recht net gruselig.. *scratch*
    woran könnte es dann liegen.. war es dein früherer schreibtisch vonna arbeit? oder ein xbeliebiger??? vielleicht dass du unterbewusst druck hast, der dir förmlich im nacken sitzt und dich iwie bedroht…?!? *scratch*

    jedenfalls ein mega dicker knuddler.. wird schon wieder!!!!

    • Ich glaube, es war der Schreibtisch in meinem alten Zimmer. Das war auch wirklich immer so, wenn ich nachts dran saß, hatte ich immer das Gefühl, daß da etwas oder jemand hinter mir steht und mich beabachtet.

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