You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.

Quote by C. S. Lewis

Since there is a new Supernatural episode tomorrow and new sneak peeks have been released I started thinking.

I love the show. I have loved every season and I still do, I rewatch the episodes whenever I get the chance. I can’t imagine a life without Supernatural anymore.  I love Dean, I love the brothers and their bond and their relationship, how they’d die for each other, literally. There have been fights and lies and differences of opinion but they always cared for each other. Their relationship has always been the soul of the show. Now I don’t have the kind of deep insight that other fans seem to have but I can describe how I feel about things that happened in season 6 so far.

I have to note that this is not a “I hate Sam” rant. I don’t hate Sam. Hate is actually a very strong word. I am someone who has sympathized with Dean from season 1. He is my hero. In fact, I have never loved a fictional character as much as I love Dean. I think most of this is thanks to Jensen’s wonderful portrayal, but that’s actually besides the point. Dean is such an incredibly deep, complicated, fascinating, tortured, loving, caring and driven character that it’s hard not to feel for him. Of course I’ve always liked Sam too. But Sam has never touched my heart the way Dean did.

In general I love season 6 and I am thankful that our little show is still on the air and that we can follow the adventures of the Winchester brothers every week for another season. But there is something about it that makes it incredibly painful to watch. I don’t mean because it’s bad, I mean because it breaks my heart every time. Here is an example. The episode “Clap your hands if you believe” was awesome. It was hilarious but mostly on the surface. If you think about it it was actually pretty sad how Sam did not care about Dean. He could have been dead for all Sam knew and he made out with a hippie chick. Yes, funny on the surface, pretty tragic if you dig deeper. This season would be perfect if they had brought Sam back with his soul.

So Sam’s soul is missing and most of the chemistry and brotherly love is gone as a consequence of Sam having no emotions and not caring about anything anymore. We’ve seen him lie to Dean, again, he risked his brother’s life and is only using him to his advantage, whatever that may be. What happened now is that I’ve lost almost all sympathy I’ve had for Sam. He is soul-less, heartless and ruthless. Of course you can argue that this is not his fault, he has no soul, he doesn’t know better. But that seems too easy. It’s true to some extend, I know, but it doesn’t make me sympathize with him like it probably should, like the writers intended. It caused the opposite. The Sam I see on screen in season 6 is not Sam, I don’t like him. And I almost got to the point where I don’t care about him or what happened to his soul. Almost. The reason I still have to care is that Sam’s fate, and the fate of Sam’s soul, is linked to Dean’s fate. I care abobut Dean a lot. He has been seperated from his new family this season after he thought Sam was dead, he can’t trust anyone anymore, except maybe Bobby, he has lost a lot and now he is stuck with a brother who couldn’t care less about him and would betray him and maybe even get him killed if he thought it would help him. Dean needs his brother, badly. And he can only get his brother if he finds a way to get his soul back. I can totally understand Dean’s anger and frustration because that’s what I feel too. I wrote that the brotherly bond is the soul of the show, so I get the sense that the show’s soul is gone with Sam’s soul. The sooner Sam gets his soul back the better. I don’t need an episode about Sam’s year without Dean, I really don’t care about that, I don’t even care to know what happened to Sam in hell, just give us the brothers back. If I’ll care about Sam again once he has his soul back is another question. I can’t say, because I just don’t know. Odds are that I won’t but only time will tell.  

All in all, that’s my gripe with season 6: the soul-less Sam storyline.  It’s not charming, it’s not funny. It’s sad and heartbreaking and I don’t mean the good and entertaining kind. It needs to end soon so we get the brothers back and then we can focus on this season’s other, much more interesting storyline about the Alphas, Purgatory and the weapons of heaven. I am really excited to see where they are going with this.  And we probably have a whole season 7 with SoulSam to look forward to so all is not lost. (I don’t want to jinx it, I’ll get really excited when season 7 is officially confirmed).



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3 responses to “You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body.

  1. One word: AMEN

    You’re so right!

  2. Darbie

    Great article, Jo! 🙂

    To be honest, I can’t tell WHY I don’t like this season as much as the others (and unfortunately that’s the truth, most of what I’ve seen so far from s6 has disappointed me, it just doesn’t feel like Supernatural any more – except 2 or 3 episodes), but now I think it’s pretty much because of what you’ve written here! It’s not SPN anymore because a major part is missing and this part is Sam…

  3. Wow.. this is just wow.. Hun.. this is a great article.. and i agree 100% with you.. the fact that sams soul is missing and also a huge part of the whole show!!! uff.. i dont even have words now..

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