Exclusive Review Part 1 – The Year 2010, January-March

It’s already December, where did the time go? Anyway, time to look back. I don’t know about you but to me it seemed like the year just flew by. What’s sad is that I hardly even remember any of it so I decided to write down what I actually do remember. Starting at the beginning.



Yes, January is the first month of the year, it consists of 31 days and it’s usually cold.  I tried really hard but I can only remember two things and they all happened on the same day. On January 30th I turned 30. I still don’t feel like an adult but at the same time I feel really old. But being 30 hasn’t changed anything, it’s just a number. I don’t usually celebrate my birthday because I think I am unimportant and don’t understand why I should celebrate the anniversary of my birth. Being born is easy, living is hard.

The other, and much more exciting thing, that took place on that day was the 100th episode party of Supernatural. Supernatural is a TV show about 2 brothers who hunt evil. Sounds simple but it’s not. I have never been so emotionally invested in a TV show so the 100th episode was actually a very big deal.

Other things that probably happened in January: snow? maybe, I don’t remember, but I hope so. I am not kidding, I really don’t remember anything else.



A little bit like January, meaning I have not a lot of memories. The only thing that sticks out in my mind is that Supernatural was officially renewed for a 6th season. And I had a week off, no idea what I did during that week. Or was that in March?



I remember Jensen’s birthday on the 1st. And I remember that this was the time when I became more active on Twitter and met a lot of wonderful people, you know who you are. Now that I think about it that could just as well have been in February.


That’s all I got. Stay tuned for more memory loss and the months April-June.


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