Exclusive Review Part 2 – The Year 2010, April-June

So how was the second quarter of the year? I think it was good.


The 100th episode of Supernatural aired. A milestone. And Dean killed Zachariah. Awesome. Something else that happened in April was that we got the information that we could sue or employer for a permanent job. We did and it’s looking good, I will start working again in January 🙂 At the end of April I had 3 weeks off.



May was quite eventful. First of all there was the big season 5 finale. Very sad and tragic. I’ve only watched it once so far and I don’t think I will be able to watch it again any time soon. It was just too heartbreaking. I can’t even think about it so we’ll just skip to the next big event: Asylum Europe in Bad Neuenahr. What a great weekend with wonderful people. To see the Supernatural stars in person, unforgettable.I also took long walk during my time off and took some pictures, it was nice.



June is blurry. What happened in June? It was hellatus, I remember that much. I remember rewatching Supernatural with the others. It was summer so it was probably getting warm. I dislike that. It’s shocking that I remember so little, it’s either because my life is pretty empty or because my memory sucks nowadays. Oh, I just remembered that shooting for season 6 started on the 30th of June with Jensen as a director 🙂


That is all I can think of right now. If I forgot anything important, please let me know.


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