A maze of ice and snow

…he is running. He doesn’t know where he is running or what he is running from but he is scared. Everything is white and cold, the walls are bright and of pure ice. He is wearing white clothes. He keeps running, turning right and left in this icy maze of confusion and fear. He is heavily breathing in the cold air, sometimes touching the walls. He can’t hear or see anything, not even his own relfection in the ice. There doesn’t seem to be any way out of the maze. He doesn’t stop running and never turns back but he just knows that there is something after him. Something dark. Nothing but white and bright ice in front of him, he is completely lost. And suddenly he reaches a dead end, now there’s no escape. He’s turning around slowly and there’s this dark shadow. It’s coming closer and closer very quickly. He is terrified. He wants out of there, doesn’t want the darkness to touch him but it is too late. Pressed against the wall he has no coice but to let it get to him. And then he wakes up. Sweating and out of breath…


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