The burden of knowledge

He is sitting on a park bench a few hundred meters from home. It’s windy and not too cold which isn’t unusual for early fall in this part of the world. He is looking out to the ocean beneath the cloudy sky and thinking about what just happened. Thinking about the things he learned not half an hour ago. He learned the truth. At least part of the truth because there is still a lot he doesn’t know and he has a lot of questions. He’d have to find the right time to ask them. Right now he doesn’t know how he feels about it all. Is he confused or angry or just surprised? One thing he knows for sure is that he wishes he had never heard it. What he was told could change a lot of things, could change how he feels about certain people. Or maybe it wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t change the past so why would it change the present? The wind is getting stronger and it is getting late. It’s probably time to go home. Home to her…


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