The adventures of Morpheus-Galileo Castiel III.

Once upon a time there was a little rabbit. He had white fur with light brown patches and his name was Morpheus-Galileo Castiel III. His friends just called him Morph.
He lived alone in a hole under a nice green bush in the middle of a green forest. His neighbor Thelonius-Jack Summerwinter was a very old and wise rabbit who always told him stories of the past. Morph’s favorite stories were the ones about the Great Flaming Darkness, which happened before Morph was born. It happened one dark winter’s night and burned down 3 trees and killed 2 rabbits. It was horrible.
Thelonius-Jack was a hero he had saved lives but he knew that his own would come to an end soon. That made Morph sad. Who would tell the stories then? Would they forever be forgotten?
He took a bite off his carrot and then left for work. He loved his job even though he didn’t really know what it was. He just knew it was important.
Today he’d work on the big meadow by the lake. He liked the lake, it was pretty. But it also scared him because he didn’t like water and he had lost his brother Hermes-Hades-Hercules to a flood.Not even Thelonius-Jack had been able to save him.
So he spent the better part of the day chewing and eating down the grass and leaving little brown balls. Occasionally he’d talk to other rabbits. One of his friends was Aphrodite-Xena, she was a sweet young gray rabbit and if she hadn’t been a lesbian rabbit he would have liked to mate with her. She told him she had a crush on the assistant manager Ruby-Zachariana-Gordona-Bela-Luciferina-Lillith-Azazelly-Eve Smith but Morph hated her, he thought she was evil and maybe even hell spawn. Her yellow eyes didn’t help. He sighed as he watched a butterfly take flight. This day was too lovely to think about demons and monsters.
During lunch break all the rabbits ran around and jumped and hopped and had fun. Morph raced his co-worker Matthew Bobbysinger but he lost. Matthew was the fastest rabbit alive so Morph was okay with that. Afterwards they just lay in the sun and talked about squirrels and how those little things watched them in a very creepy kind of way.
“You know, Matthew”, Morph said, “Thelonius-Jack once told me that he fought a squirrel and won.”
Matthew laughed. “That old dude!”
The squirrels suddenly disappeared.
“Well, that was weird.”, Matthew exclaimed.
But then lunch break was over and they didn’t have time to talk about strange squirrels anymore.
Morpheus-Galileo was also a daydreamer so he dreamt the rest of his shift away. When it was time to go home, Morph remembered that he had to do some grocery shopping so he hopped to the big carrot field and dug out some carrots and took them home.
It was very late so he just sat on the couch and watched some TV. Superbunnynatural was his favorite show. He dug the car, it was awesome.
That’s how he spent his days and one day the first snowflakes fell on his little nose. He sneezed.
“Gesundheit.”, Ruby-Zachariana-Gordona-Bela-Luciferina-Lillith-Azazelly-Eve Smith said but she had this evil grin on her face. Morph didn’t believe her.
But he soon forgot this had happened because it was winter now and that meant that work season was over. Winter hiatus was the best part of the year, at least Morph thought so. Other rabbits hated it and called it hellatus.
A few days later the land was covered in deep snow and Morph went out and jumped for joy, jumped through the snow, through the forest until he suddenly hit a tree. It didn’t hurt and then he found himself staring at his own body from above. He looked up and saw a figure. It was still snowing and he could see much so he stepped closer until he saw a white rabbit with a black robe and a scythe.
“Hello, Morpheus-Galileo Castiel III.”, the rabbit said. Morph was scared.
“How do you know my name?”
“I know every name and I know every rabbit for I am the Grim Bunny, the Death of rabbits.”, the Grim Bunny explained.
“Oh, I see. So I’m dead and this is the afterlife. Fascinating.”
“You think so? Believe me, it’s not. Anyway, it you wouldn’t mind crossing over, I don’t want to be late for dinner, my wife would kill me.” Grim Bunny sighed.
Morph thought about this situation and came to the conclusion that he didn’t want to cross over, he didn’t want to be dead so he had to ask Grim Bunny a question.
“Can I please not die? Is there anything I can do for you so you’ll let me live?”
“Well, now that you mention it, you could run some errands for me, that’d be cool.”
“Oh, I will do everything you want me to.”, Morph said, full of hope.
Grim Bunny came closer to Morph which kind of scared him. He wondered what those errands were and why the Grim Bunny was married.
Grim Bunny then stared at Morpheus-Galileo and deepened his voice dramatically: “I shall give you three tasks and if you master them all you shall live forever.”
Morph smiled. “Sweet! So, what’s the first one?”
“You shall find me the enchanted golden cockroach so that I shall sell it on eBay.”, his voice still deep and serious. “When you’ve found it, bring it to me, right here, and I shall give you the second task. If you fail, you will drop dead instantly.” He blinked.
Morph had never heard of such a cockroach but he would try. His life depended on it.
One second later, Grim Bunny was gone and Morph was back in his body.
He realized that he forgot to ask how much time he had. Morph took a deep breath and hopped off to find the enchanted golden cockroach…



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2 responses to “The adventures of Morpheus-Galileo Castiel III.

  1. catgiggles

    Dude? Leaving little brown balls! LOL is this story to be continued? And what’s with this freakingn long names?

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