A #Supernatural round robin

This is something Catgiggles, Werkarniggel and I did today. Enjoy. It is not to be taken too seriously 😉

The story of the Easter Bunny or why Dean Winchester can’t have a bunny.

“Seriously”?  Sam looked at Dean. Dean petted the rabbit on his lap.
“Where did you get that thing”? Sam wanted to know.
“I just found it”, Dean explained. “But why are you keeping it”? Sam looked more confused than ever.
“He is cute and he needs a friend”
“Yeah, I’m cute, too, but you don’t keep me on your lap”.
“You’re just too big for that.”
Sam made a pouty face. “Whatever!”
“So, go buy some carrots for my little friend. Chop chop.”
Sam sighed and grabbed the car key. “You are such a dumbass, sometimes.”
“Who said you are allowed to take the Impala?”
“Well, I’m not walking there, so shut up, Dude!”
“Dude, you’re so lazy.”
“And bring me some pie!” Dean just said and smiled.
Sam rolled his eyes and slammed the door shut. Dean just grinned more.
“That was my brother” he told the rabbit.
The rabbit just wrinkeld its nose and began to chew on Dean’s shirt.
“It’s alright, my little furry friend.”

Suddenly the lights began to flicker.
Castiel appeared right behind Dean “Howdy. That rabbit is a prophet of the Lord.”
Dean nearly jumped off the bed and stared at Cas. “Cas? Are you kidding me?”
“I am not kidding you. He is cute though. Did you give him carrots yet?”
“And then what? Will it tell me some gospels? Cas you are crazy like hell!”
“Gospels? No, he is a rabbit. He cannot  talk.”
“So, what? Shall I rip his skin off and read the future by his intestines?” Dean asked, not amused.
“No, Dean, you just need to protect him.” Castiel explained.
“Oh my god, you are really serious.”
“Of course I am. It’s a matter of life and death. Where is Sam?”
“I sent him out to get some food for our little fella here. He should be back in a few.”
“His name is Siegfried “
“And is there a Roy, too?”
“No, why would there be a Roy? What are you talking about? Are you high?”
“Ah, just forget it!”
“Dude, we are talking about a rabbit here. So what’s the big deal? Is it some wicked princess?”
“No, he is the real Easter Bunny”
“Cas, are you drunk?” Dean asked once again.
“A little, but what is your point?”
“Dude?  You found a liquor store, again, did you?”
“Yes, there are lots of those around.”
At that moment the door to the motel room bust open and Sam glared at the two. “Hey Cas!  What’s up?” He tossed a bunch of carrots at Dean.
Dean jumped in “Before you say anything, Cas. Sam, where is the pie?”
“I’m not your freaking delivery boy, you can get your own pie.” Sam said and closed the door.
Cas looked at his 2 friends and cleared his throat…. “ Ah, boys! There are important things to discuss here.”
“What’s more important than pie?” Dean wanted to know.
“I told you before, it’s a matter of life and death, so please Dean….take good care of Siegfried and watch out for your brother!”
“Why should he watch out for me?”  Sam wanted to know and looked concerned.
“That is a good question.” Cas added.  “Actually Sam has to watch out for you, Dean.”
Now Dean looked confused and took a side glance to his brother.  “Why?” they asked in unison.
“It is Dean’s fate to help the Easter Bunny deliver his eggs. But it is dangerous. So Dean has to be protected.”
Sam snorted at that. “It’s sounds like a porn to me!”
“SAM!”  Dean shouted. “Is porn all you can think about, Sam? This is serious business. Easter eggs are important.”
“I learned from the best, I guess.  So okay guys. What’s really up? Is this a joke? You don’t see me laughing here, are you?”
“Is everything a joke to you, Sam? No, this isn’t a joke. But I need you now.”
Sam took a seat next to Dean. “Okay, sorry Cas! So Dean needs to protect the rabbit….uh …..Siegfried and I need to protect Dean. And then what? And who’s gonna protect me?”
“You don’t need protection, Sam, you are not in danger. This is about Dean and the bunny.”
Sam rolled his eyes.. “Yeah yeah whatever you say.”  Dean looked angry so Sam went on: “Okay okay I behave. I protect Dean and Dean protects the bunny. And then?”
Dean looked at Cas. Cas stood up and started to explain everything. It was a long explanation. And they both fell asleep…..

The next morning Sam woke up first. “Dean?” Dean shot up. “Yeah?” “ I had this weird dream.” Sam went on.
“Oh shut up, I wanna sleep, just give me five more minutes”, Dean turned around in his bed.
“Dean, Dean!  Did you find a bunny yesterday?”
“Yes, I did. Why?”
“Where is it?”
“Under my pillow”
“Under your pillow? Dean!” Sam started to panic.
“What? “Dean wanted to know.
“You are supposed to protect it!” Sam yelled.
“What are you talking about, Dude?  Did you trink too much yesterday? Leave the booze alone next time, will you?!” Dean mumbled. “But don’t worry. the Easter Bunny, Siggy, is safe under my pillow.” he added after a thought.
“So it is true, then?  Cas was here, right? “
“Yes, he was.” Dean said. He was still tired. He had a weird dream too, but it was about Sam wearing a clown costume, but this was too good.
Sam went on with his rambling. “So it is true?! You found a bunny and its name is Siegfried and you need to protect it because he is a prophet of the lord and I should protect you, so you can protect the bunny, so everybody is protected , but not me. Nonono, because apparently I need  no protection……”
“Yes, because you are not in danger. That is what Cas, said, what is your problem?” Dean interrupted his brother trying really hard not to laugh.
“Man, I thought this was all a weird dream.”
“No” Dean said, trying to be serious.
Sam shoved the blanket aside and sat up. “Dean give me that bunny. I need to give it back to Cas. We are not up for this crap. We just give it back and everything will be normal as before. You watching out for me and me watching out for you. No bunny needed. Please Dean!”  Dean was confronted with his brother’s puppy dog eyes and sighed.
“But I want to keep the bunny”
“No Dean! Please!”
“Why can’t I have a pet?” Dean really wanted  to know.
“Because you have me!”
Dean turned away from his brother and smiled. He should do this more often. It was so easy to play Sam.
Sam got up and scratched his balls then went into the bathroom. “When I am finished in here, I want you to say goodbye to that rabbit.”
Dean tried not to laugh. “You got it.” He should get Sam drunk more often.  He retrieved the stuffed animal from under his pillow and threw it away.



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  1. catgiggles

    We are so screwed in the head, Dude!

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