The dreams in which I’m dying

I had an interesting dream last night. It was about the end of the world.

I think it started when I was walking through a strange place with people sitting in the dusty grey ground, crying. They all had quilts and I was wrapped in one too and I knew something bad was gonna happen. Then I reached a group of people who seemed to know me and were expecting me. They started to hug me and welcome me. And then everything around me began to melt. Everyone was leaving when the lava came but somehow I got stuck with my leg in that river of lava. A co-worker was waiting for me but I told him to go because I wouldn’t make it out of there. So I dipped my head in the lava to make it quicker and I died. But that wasn’t the end. From then on I was able to observe everything as a ghost. No one could see me but I could see all the panicking people in the streets running from the lava, trying to get to save ground. I wasn’t afraid. Then it started raining and the ground cooled down. I was thinking that everything, the entire world has changed now. I reached a train station which was almost completely destroyed. There was also some fighting and shooting, I don’t know what this was about. I remember thinking about Lucifer and the final showdown and how it was different because Lucifer was back in his cage. Then the angels came and one of them tried to gather all the people to talk to them and guide them. I told him that I was already dead so he gave me a task. I had to collect tools and things like that, but I didn’t really know why. I was thinking Tim Taylor destroyed them all so what’s the point?

Then I woke up.


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